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Luminarie light sculptures
29 November 2014 to 1 January 2015, 7pm to midnight daily

Casa Armonica (live carolling sessions):
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 29 to December 28 2014, 2 sessions of half hour per day.

Festive Markets
29 November to 21 December 2014, 2pm to 11pm daily (restaurants open from 5pm)

29 November 2014 to 1 January 2015, 5pm to midnight daily

Luminarie structures

  • Arrival Entrance arch (Frontone) – 15.64m tall
  • 6 arrival arches – 10.35m tall
  • 11 Solo pieces on covered walkway – 1.5m each
  • Small Frontone at entrance to Supertree Grove – 14.4m tall
  • 4 Arches on Stairway into Supertree Grove – 9.5m tall
  • 6 Solo pieces around a Supertree – 9m tall
  • Casa Armonica in the middle of the Supertree Grove – 8m diameter
  • Spalliera on the green amidst the Supertree Grove – 17m X 31m

The Christmas Wonderland Experience

  • 95,000 bulbs to create the magical extraordinaire 
  • Of which, over 80% are energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Distance from starting to final arch – 390 metres
  • CW Event Area : 18,000sqm
  • 10-14 days to set up the Luminarie structures
  • 18 tonnes of cargo flown in
  • 5 months of planning

Spiegeltent or "Mirror Tent" is a large travelling tent constructed in wood and canvas with decorated mirrors and stained glass. Originally built in the late 19th and early 20th century, only a handful of them remain in existence and are used as a feature attraction at various functions and festivals around the world. This 18 metre wide and 6 metre high tent comes in 1000 pieces, which are expertly assembled in just 2 days!

Festive Markets @ Supertree Grove
The Festive Markets will feature a combination of a shopping and F&B experience with 19 huts selling Luminarie souvenirs, crafts, gifts, dried organic/boutique goods, vintage finds.

There will be 7 specialty restaurants where patrons can have a range of foods from a traditional Christmas dinner to Mediterranean dishes, European desserts and wines etc