Carnival Games

carnival games

Challenge your family and friends in a good game of chance and skills at the Carnival Game stalls located at the Fairground (in The Meadow). You might just walk away with attractive prizes including toys from your favourite Disney and Star Wars characters, such as Mickey, Olaf, Nemo and Dory, Eeyore, Darth Vader, and many other adorable toys.

Tokens must be purchased from Token Booths around the event site for the Carnival Games. Game play starts at $4.

Exciting Games

Lobster Pot   |   Blockbuster   |   Hi Striker   |   Milk Can Toss   |   Can Toss   |   Bank A Ball   |   Basketball   |   Big Mouth   |   Fishy Fishy   |   Ring Toss   |   Goblet Toss


Attractive Prizes