Festive Workshop

Chairs for Charity is a creative art project involving mixed-media and hand-painting on little wooden stools to raise funds for Charity.

Started in 2013 in Shanghai China, the first edition saw 18 creative stools painted in a time span of one year and raised over 2000 USD for Make-a-Wish International in the form of a charity auction. Inspiration of the chairs comes from everything in our environment, such as events, objects and people.

Find out more about Chairs for Charity here: https://www.facebook.com/charitychairs/
Chairs for Charity Workshop

For the first time in Singapore, Chairs for Charity invites you to join us in our workshop to paint your very own mini chair (13cm diameter) for charity.

The organisation you will be supporting is Club Rainbow, a dedicated team that provides compassionate services to chronically ill children and their families. A minimum donation of $50 to Club Rainbow is required to participate in this workshop.

At the workshop, you will be provided with all art materials, some design templates to choose from and artistic guidance if you require any. You are also free to customise and create any design you like!

Regardless of your experience or level of artistic creativity, you can participate in this meaningful activity and bring your chair masterpiece home while supporting a charity in this season of giving.

About Club Rainbow

Club Rainbow (Singapore) was set up in 1992 to provide a range of comprehensive support services for the families of children who suffer from major chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses. By working closely with KKH, NUH and SGH, Club Rainbow presently helps more than 800 children and their families.

Children in Club Rainbow range from newborn babies and youths up to the age of 21 years. They require frequent visits to hospitals for treatment, complicated therapy and long-term medication. On the recommendation of their respective doctors, these children are referred to Club Rainbow for follow up support.
Paper in my Attic was born out of the love of paper, inspired by many artists, works and projects. Turning a hobby into a passion, PIMA aims to try and see how flexible and malleable this medium can be. Many of the works showcased here began as home projects and favours for friends.

Created by Rae Lim a self-taught paper artist who focused mostly on origami art. Her avid interest in origami as a young child led her to explore different folding techniques and paper designs. To Rae, creating paper art is just like play. She is still on a journey of exploration and discovery with other forms of paper art, from floras to installations. Now she produces commissioned art and collaborates with other artists.

Instagram: @paperinmyattic #paperinmyattic
Website: www.paperinmyattic.com
Email: Rae@paperinmyattic.com
Origami Ornamental Ball Workshop

During this workshop participants will be making a Christmas Ornament with a twist! Actually more of a pleat! Origami is the art of paper folding and during this workshop you will be taught to make an ornamental ball using an origami technique known as “Paper Pleating”, a very simple and versatile technique for making origami ornamental balls. This can be used for any season.

There will be 3 designs provided to choose from. You will be allowed to personalize and design your ornamental ball anyway you choose, as there will be materials and tools provided for you. Paint it, splash it or sprinkle on it! Let’s get crafty people!
The Plant Story
Inspired by nature and fueled by design, The Plant Story is Singapore’s only urban gardening galleria spotting a workshop and a cafe for busy urbanites to reconnect with nature without the need to slog under the sun.

As Maslow hierarchy of needs would have it, Cath’s decision to set up The Plant Story in 2009 was propelled by her desire to live a life of significance at the peak of her 16-year career in advertising. Once a serial plant killer, her objective was simply to create an urban sanctuary where time stands still to bring hope and happiness to busy urbanites caught in the hurried world.

Since then, The Plant Story has brought smiles and happiness to people from all walks of lives; across all age groups (from 03 to 80 year olds); of different social status and races through the power of nature.

Facebook: ThePlantStoryPage
Instagram: ThePlantStoryPage
Website: http://www.theplantstory.com
Miniature Garden Workshop (MGW) - 13 Dec: Make Your Own Christmas Fantasy Bauble

Participants will learn:

  • to understand how plants function;
  • the science behind an enclosed terrarium.
  • or what happens if they choose to leave it opened.
  • to understand the different materials they will need to create their own miniature garden;
  • create their own fantasy world using our Fantasy Bauble kit.
  • Box up their own creations.


Home Apothecary Workshop (HAW) - 14 Dec: Make Your Own Christmas Room And Body Spray

This workshop will teach the participant the following:

  • to identify some of the herbs we can grow well in Singapore.
  • how oil is extracted from these plants to make into useful remedies that benefit us.
  • allow them to concoct their own all natural Christmas room and body spray which they can bring home or give as gifts.


Thank you for your interest, registration for workshops is now closed.