Ice Palace

Take in the arctic experience of a bigger Snow Playground, an Ice Skating Rink, and an Ice Slide.

The Ice Palace returns with a 20-metre wide indoor ice skating rink, a Snow Playground double the size of last year, and a 25-metre long ice slide. The arctic experience will be enjoyed by both the young and old. Bundle up and play at the Snow Playground, don your skates and glide around the Ice Skating Rink, or zoom down the Ice Slide.

The Ice Palace is open from 2 December 2016 to 1 January 2017, 3.30PM to 11.00PM daily.

Snow Playground – S$16.00 per child, for one 20-minute session (includes rental of snow boots)
This Attraction is only for children between 2-12 years of age.
Ice Skating Rink – S$18.00 per child/adult, for one 45-minute session (includes rental of ice skates)
This Attraction is for patrons aged 4 and above. Children who are of height 0.9m and below must be accompanied in the Ice Skating Rink by a parent/guardian at all times. The parent/guardian must purchase a separate ticket for entry to the Ice Skating Rink.
Ice Slide – S$4.00/slide
This Attraction is for all patrons. Patrons of height 0.9m and below must be accompanied by an adult. Both must have a valid ticket to enjoy the Attraction.
Tickets are sold on event grounds only.
For the full Ice Palace terms & conditions, please click HERE

Tickets must be purchased for the attractions in the Ice Palace - Snow Playground, Ice Slide and Ice Skating Rink. Tickets to the Ice Palace attractions must be used with a valid general admission ticket.

Entry to Ice Palace are for Ice Skating Rink ticketholders, Ice Slide ticketholders and Snow Playground ticketholders ONLY.
Ticketholders under the age of 12 are allowed to be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian only into the Ice Palace. Entry to attractions are limited to ticketholders only.
Socks are available at an additional cost of $2 each and gloves are available at an additional cost of $4 each.

For hygiene reasons, no pets are allowed in the Ice Palace.


* Session timings are subject to change at the organiser’s discretion.

Ice Skating Rink
Session Time
Doors Open (3.30 PM)
Session 1 4.30 PM - 5.15 PM
Session 2 5.25 PM - 6.10 PM
Session 3 6.20PM - 7.05PM
Session 4 7.30PM - 8.15PM
Session 5 8.25PM - 9.10PM
Session 6 9.20PM - 10.05PM
Session 7 10.15PM - 11.00PM
Doors Close (11.00 pm)



Snow Playground
Session Time
Doors Open (3.30PM)
Session 1 4.00PM - 4.20PM
Session 2 4.30PM -4.50PM
Session 3 5.00PM - 5.20PM
Session 4 5.30PM - 5.50PM
Session 5 6.00PM - 6.20PM
Session 6 6.30PM - 6.50PM
Session 7 7.30PM - 7.50PM
Session 8 8.00PM - 8.20PM
Session 9 8.30PM - 8.50PM
Session 10 9.00PM - 9.20PM
Session 11 9.30PM - 9.50PM
Session 12 10.00PM - 10.20PM
Session 13 10.30PM - 10.50PM
Doors Close (11.00PM)