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<h3>Profile of Italian craftsman</h3>

Having entered the traditional trade of light architecture since the 19th century, the Paulicelli family name is renowned the world over for their brilliantly artistic illuminated creations.

Originating from Bari, a small southern Italian city, the light architecture or ‘Baroque Luminarie’ was first created for important holidays and religious ceremonies some 200 years ago. Large building-like architectures were produced using hollowed out wooden frameworks, and fully illuminated with lights of a myriad of colours. From being lit with oil candles, kerosene and gas, the magnificent light sculptures are now electrically illuminated

Over the years, the popularity of the light architecture spread far and wide, and so did the Paulicelli family’s efforts to preserve the Southern Italian tradition. Fully designed and produced in Italy, the ‘Baroque Luminarie’ has since been showcased in countries including Germany, Spain, France, United States of America, Japan, Libya, Croatia, China and Morocco.

Today, Paulicelli Illuinations International prides itself on producing light architecture to perfectly narrate a story by marrying the harmony of the composition and the synchrony of the illuminations with the scenic beauty of the setting. The family’s artistic and cultural stature have been recognised through several commendations and the highest Italian honours.